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Monday, June 13, 2011

CAVS 12U Win 13U Championship in Edge Summer Jam National Invitational Tourney (Swoosh)

Nope. The "13U" you read in this post title wasn’t a typo like the obvious typo on the Swoosh Basketball site that listed CAVS 12U as having played one game Saturday, at 11:00am, with Vegas Elite Blue (who was not even in our pool or division) and lost 13-0. Huh?

As if Most of us didn’t even get up that early. show me a CAVS team  (you can even pick the division) that scores 0 points in any game and I'll show you that I can fly, using my regular arms. 

Enough said.

CAVS 12U pulled out all the stops this past weekend, June 10th – 12th, 2011 starting at 3:15pm on Saturday and indeed won the 13U Championship in the Edge Summer Jam National Invitational Tourney (Swoosh) on Sunday. Gosh, that name is long. I feel like abbreviating it a bit – the same way we all did with the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We had ultimately narrowed that down to Benji B.…but who’s counting? From this point on, we will refer to the event as THE EDGE TOURNEY. Cool? Now...let’s begin.
CAVS 12U came to play this weekend. Though they were originally supposed to be playing in the A.C.E.S. Coca Cola National Invitational Tourney (here’s another long name) - against the likes of 12U rumor-popular, tourney “regulars” such as D1 All Stars, Certified Shooters, Inland Force, Oakland Soldiers, Cali Style and so forth – CAVS 12U ended up tousling with older competition, instead, at THE EDGE TOURNEY. This, folks, was truly one of those unexpected, “what just happened?” moments. Yep. Okay. Moving along…..
First off, at 3:15pm, CAVS 12U squared off with the 13U Southeast Warriors at Narbonne High School.  It’s just simply amazing how different a year or two makes in player appearance on the court. Gone are the baby faces and hairless armpits, replaced by muscles, scattered tattoos, deep voices and facial hair. 
This was truly BIGGER BOY BASKETBALL, but CAVS 12U didn’t let it bother them. They went to work and defeated the 13U Southeast Warriors, 42-37. Next up, CAVS 12U went up against the 13U PABC Basketball team at the all-new HAX Center.

Seriously...the new HAX location definitely has better parking options.  Should you not want to shell out parking fees in addition to gas costs, tournament wristband fees, team player fees (for the tourney in the first place) and snack bar tuition ($3.00 for a miniscule hot dog slated to feed a gym FULL of endlessly-hungry growing athletes - really?) you can almost-for-certain find street parking. 

As for the new appearance of the HAX…we can’t give you a decision which is better until the interior has been entirely completed. It is located in an industrial area.  Cool.  For now, it’s a relevant warehouse full of shiny new courts, with abstract gym equipment literally hanging in the balance. Cooler. In the future, all will be athletic heaven. We just know it. Anyway…what does PABC stand for? Please tell me so we’ll both know. All I know is…one of the kids was like....HUGE.I am sure you can see him towering in the middle of the floor.
Anyway…CAVS 12U defeated PABC (huge kid and all) 50-40.

On Sunday, it was back to the HAX at 10:15am, where CAVS 12U scored a sizeable victory over 13U Edge Basketball, 54-13.
It was on, then, to the Semi-Final Rounds.

CAVS 12U battled the 13U Laverne Stars in the Semi-Final Round game at 2:15pm and scored the victory, 42-22. This win placed them in the championship game at 4:15pm.
CAVS 12U was rumored to be playing the 13U Chargers, but ended up playing the 13U Cobras for the championship game. 

Interestingly enough, there were no “Cobras” listed on the pool/bracket list…..more typos, perhaps? Well, no matter what, CAVS 12U established early on in the championship game that it was not going to be easy for the Cobras to get anything done on the court.
CAVS 12U stuck to that theory and beat the 13U Cobras, scoring the Championship, 36-21. GO CAVS 12U!!! 
(From L to R): Pearson Parker, Mike Irving III, Chasen Pender, Coach Michael Irving, Elijah Walker, Josh (Jeez...what is his last name???), Tyree Thompson, D.J. McDonald, Taj Regans (all in the back of the team trophy), Cameron "Big Cam" Townsend, Isaiah Roby, Coach Kris Walker, Brian "B-Devv" Devereaux and Coach Darryl McDonald. 

Way to play UP this weekend!!!  Also....big UPS to the Edge Basketball tourney hosts who were pleasant at the HAX entrance!

Next stop…the mighty CAVS Divisions hit up All City West’s “Best In The West” Spring Shootout this coming Saturday, June 18th, 2011. As always, we will keep you posted with the details. GAME ON!!!!

***Check out the tourney photos on our Facebook site HERE.

******Full game details for all divisions are always available on our main website:  Check back often for updates, as they are posted at varied times by multiple staff members.

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